Thursday, January 30, 2014

Holy Cow! An Update!


Just a quick update to some links on the left. 

I'll be revising more soon.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Deal of the Day

During a regular search on eBay, I turned up one of the most sought after bead books:  Complex Beads by Shizuya offered for $24.99 (plus shipping.) This book is full of awesome patterns, including the skull pendant, heart pendant and several awesome gothic cross patterns. 
The listing is here. I have never purchased from this eBay vendor, Japanese Culture Books & Artifact.  They have been a vendor for a long time, though, and have offered bead books before, simply at prices I thought were outrageous.  I'm shocked that they are vendor offering this book at this price. 

Good luck.  This is a worthy book to add to any japanese beads book collection. 

Totally random note:  I dreamt I met Yoko Yamada at her home last night.  Think what you must.  ;)

Monday, December 26, 2011

G-Clef Motif

The picture at left is a G-Clef motif designed by Tomoko Yoshikawa.  The pattern is available in her book, "Beads Story,"
This has actually been made for a while, but it was a Christmas gift for the director of our church's bell choir, so I kept it under wraps.

It was a lot of fun to make (I listened to "Oliver Twist" while making it,) and Yoshikawa's documentation is very easy to follow. 

Here is another picture on my mannequin.

I've added a link to Yoshikawa's site on the left menu bar.  

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Come, thou long awaited book . . . .

As much as I grumble about my child's predilection for Japanese games, this time it advanced my interests as well.  YesAsia had the cheapest price for Final Fantasy Type 0, so I figured, since I was ordering anyway, I might as well maximize shipping and get a book I've wanted for months. 

I finally got Naomi Yogo's Swarovski Wire Mode book.  This is my first book by Yogo, although I've been aware of her for years.  She had a lot of ads in for her workshops in my bead books.  (She's very pretty and usually had a dog in her picture.)

This book was created in collaboration with Swarovski, so every items is drenched in crystals.  What I was most interested in, though, is her technique of wrapping rhinestone chain around fancy stones in settings.  Thanks to the excellent photos and documentation, now I know the secret.  All the works are gorgeous.

I've added a link to Naomi's site on the left menu bar.  Take a stroll.  She makes far more than jewelry with wire.  It's quite impressive. 

Today is Christmas Eve.  I've made a couple of bead-related gifts I need to photograph and share.  I'll try to get it done.